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Elevate your dog training journey with our exceptional long line dog training leads. Carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these premium leads are expertly designed to offer the perfect combination of length and durability, whether you're refining recall commands, practicing distance cues, or granting your furry companion the freedom to explore safely.

Tailored to cater to a myriad of training scenarios, our long-line leads emerge as the preferred choice for both novice and professional dog trainers. Engineered for seamless handling, these leads create an environment for stress-free training sessions, allowing you to focus on fostering a profound connection with your beloved four-legged friend.

What sets our long line training leads apart is the exclusive control handle, a distinctive feature that distinguishes us from the competition. This innovative addition empowers users to gracefully moderate their dogs' pace, minimising the risk of hand burns and injuries stemming from abrupt stops. Every Total Pet training lead comes equipped with a control handle, and replacements are readily available for purchase, ensuring a continuous and secure training experience.

Explore our carefully curated selection of three long-line training lead styles: nylon, rope and waterproof versions.

Our best-selling nylon long line stands out as the preferred choice for many. In addition to the control handle, our nylon long line boasts the ability to be used at shorter distances, making it perfect for various environments. Crafted from thick, non-irritating nylon, our lead ensures a comfortable experience. The heavy-duty clips enhance durability, and each lead comes with a practical storage bag, adding convenience to your training sessions.

For everyday use, the rope long line proves to be an excellent choice. Easier to handle than the flat nylon style, it is lightweight, excelling in more challenging conditions, and boasts enhanced flexibility for a comfortable, tangle-free training experience.

Our waterproof PVC lead is the ultimate solution for water-loving and adventurous dogs. Constructed from nylon with a PVC waterproof coating, this lead is buoyant, effortlessly easy to clean, and steadfastly resistant to dirt retention.

Elevate your dog training journey with our Long Line Dog Training Leads, where quality, versatility, and performance converge for an unparalleled training experience.