Figure of 8 Leads

Figure of

8 Leads

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Discover a lead revolution with our Figure of 8 Leads – regain control and transform your walks into enjoyable experiences!

Designed to effectively curb pulling behaviour, our Figure of 8 Leads empower handlers with superior control over their dogs, mirroring the principles of a horse halter: where the head moves, the body follows.

Experience the subtle yet impactful tightening of the lead when your dog pulls, discouraging the unwanted behaviour. Unlike traditional leads and collars, the Figure of 8 design reduces your dog's inclination to pull, sparing you from being pulled along and alleviating pressure on your dog's neck that can lead to injury.

Choose from two distinctive styles of Figure of 8 Leads: rope and flat.

The rope-style lead, available in 10mm and 8mm diameters, is perfect for larger and smaller dogs, respectively. Opt for the robustness of the rope style if you seek a durable, classic lead for your canine companion.

Alternatively, explore the flat-style Figure of 8 Lead – a sleek option that lies flat over your dog's nose, ensuring unobstructed vision and offering enhanced comfort for both the handler and the dog. While particularly recommended for smaller, softer breeds, both styles are versatile enough to suit any dog.

Reimagine your walking routine with our Figure of 8 Leads – where functionality meets style, transforming your dog-handling experience.