Figure of 8 Leads

Figure of

8 Leads

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Take back control and stop your dog pulling allowing you to enjoy your walks again! 

Our figure of 8 leads gives handlers better control over their dogs and follow the same principles as a horse halter: where the head moves, the body follows. 

The lead tightens ever so slightly when your dog pulls which discourages the pulling action. Your dog will not have the same urge to pull like with a traditional lead and collar. This prevents you from being ‘dragged’ by your dog and removes the pressure on your dog’s neck caused by pulling which can cause injury.

We offer 2 different styles of figure of 8 leads: rope and flat.

The rope style lead is available in a 10mm diameter (perfect for larger dogs) and an 8mm diameter (perfect for smaller dogs). We recommend the rope style lead if you are looking for a more hardwearing, traditional style lead.

We also offer the figure of 8 lead in a flat style. The main benefit of this lead is that it lays flat over your dog’s nose, not obstructing vision and is a little more comfortable for handler and dog. We recommend this lead to smaller, softer breeds although both can be used on any dog.